martedì 25 febbraio 2014

Spaventapasseri - Volere Bene A Tutti/Bu Ga Boo (1970)

Megarare 7" from power trio Spaventapasseri (Scarecrows) on the Equipe label (founded by publisher Abramo Allione and his son Italo), a single valued mostly for the incredible B side "Bu Ga Boo", a monster psyche hard rock track that sounds like a trippier and funkier version of the Zep jamming on "Whole Lotta Love"'s coda. Open heavy drums, a hard hitting funk break, fuzzy guitars and nonsense lyrics. Is there anything better? The A side's not bad either, more on the pop tip but with that pinch of psychedelia in the verse that makes it quite enjoyable. 

giovedì 13 febbraio 2014

The mysterious test pressing...

Here's a rare and mysterious 7" I found on a little bookstall in my neighborhood, a test pressing of a (unreleased?) single by composer and sometimes pop singer Paolo Ferrara.
I couldn't find any info about it, only an entry on the Peer Music database listing both tracks and Ferrara as the singer, but no year or composer. All we know is that it was recorded at Renato Carosone's studio Play-Co in Milan, sometimes between the late 60s and the early 70s.
"I Know" is a psychedelic pop song with a strong r&b feel, it sounds like late 60s Van Morrison or Eric Burdon and has a great wah-wah guitar solo. "Cento Soli" is closer to Ferrara's other singles, rooted in italian melodic pop but influenced by the anglo-american rock music of the day, which in this case means some tasty organ in a Procol Harum/early Deep Purple vein.