venerdì 21 novembre 2014

Another Luciani

Writer, teacher and composer Maria Teresa Luciani recorded just a couple of library albums in 1972 on the elusive and rare Fama label (twin label of Pegaso, both under the Ricordi's umbrella). I've never heard (or seen) "Barocco 2000" (FM 8) but here's finally a rip of "Suoni Di Una Città", a wonderful collection of avant-garde electro-acoustic tracks not far from the coeval works of Peymont (Luigi Malatesta), Gerardo Iacoucci ("Simbolismo Psichedelico") or the other Luciani, Antonio Riccardo.

martedì 11 novembre 2014

Antonio Riccardo Luciani

"While composers like Sorgini and Umiliani usually get all the focus when discussing obscure Italian library LPs, there’s another unsung composer that is really in need of close attention. The versatile A.R Luciani composed for various labels covering a broad range of styles. One of his many interesting LPs is Ambiente E Musica. A very cool set of pastoral Avant Garde and otherwordly electronics. A superb LP issued on the collectable Vroommm label."

James Pianta (Votary, Dual Planet, Roundtable, Monster Planet)

Word to JP. Luciani- born in Palermo, Sicily in 1931- is one of the most consistent composers of the golden age of italian music libraries, with dozens of (good to excellent) albums made for countless labels and publishers. This is one of the rarest and musically challenging of his vast discography, a first in the blogosphere for y'all. 

giovedì 6 novembre 2014

Mario Fioretti E La Sua Orchestra ‎– Sensazioni

A mysterious library album on an (almost) unknown label by an elusive arranger/keyboardist (maybe a dummy name?), recorded with a full orchestra- most likely RAI's- in 1980 it features great soloists like Nino Rapicavoli, Cicci Santucci and Quarto Maltoni. Jazzy muzak with more than a few nice moments. Enjoy.