lunedì 17 marzo 2014

Bruno Battisti D'Amario

Guitarist Bruno Battisti D'Amario is an Italian legend. A master of both classical and electric guitar he's played on thousands of soundtracks, library and pop records (notably Morricone's classic scores and even G.I.N.C.'s The Feedback) and recorded a dozen of solo albums, most of them for Armando Sciascia's Phase 6/Vedette label. 
This 1970 library album for Firmamento (FM-9, released also on the RTV label as RT-107) showcases his virtuoso skills in a solo setting, far from the easy, almost muzak atmosphere of his other records and closer to his classical music roots. Imagine a mediterranean Baden Powell (Villa Lobos being a common influence), add a dose of italian weirdness from the (late) psychedelic era and the result is probably Battisti D'Amario's best (and least known) album.