mercoledì 11 dicembre 2013


Composer and arranger Eduardo Alfieri is mostly known for his work in the "Canzone Napoletana" field, but in the late 70s and early 80s scored a bunch of camorra-exploitation movies starring king Mario Merola at his best. The movies were a cross between Italian Poliziottesco movies and the Neapolitan tradition of the "Sceneggiata" and the soundtracks followed the same pattern, mixing orchestral jazz-funk with Parthenopean folklore. Complete scores were never released and only a few tracks emerged on different compilations. This 1981 album's a mixed bag with some Merola's songs and 6 instrumentals taken from the movies. I edited Merola's songs out (all largely available on cd and digital download) and left only Alfieri's instrumentals.

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Greta ha detto...

Thank you Tony,
very curious about this.

Chris Tillotson ha detto...

Thanks Tonys, Loving "Top Music" off this one, kind of reminds me of Cipriani.

Nannu Argento ha detto...

Ciao, Tony. È possibile averli in qualche modo i pezzi strumentali di Alfieri, una mia ossessione totale? Ho caricato qualcosa su Youtube, ma ancora ne mancano