mercoledì 4 dicembre 2013

Franco Goldani

Accordionist, vibraphonist, arranger and composer Franco Goldani is one of the many unsung heroes in the italian jazz and pop music scene of the sixties and seventies. This is one of the few library records he made in his career, released in 1970 but most likely recorded a few years earlier, it's a great big-band jazz album recorded with a killer band featuring Enzo Restuccia on drums, Daniele Patucchi on bass, Angelo Baroncini on guitar and Sal Genovese on tenor saxophone.

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Greta ha detto...

Thank you Little Tony Negri,
this is a wonderful surprise: a dope album opening a new fantastic blog, I'm sure.
It's like a Christmas present.

Grazie mille.


K ha detto...


house303 ha detto...

Greatly appreciated!

Grazie mille!

Muff Diver ha detto...

Thank you, Tony.

I hope your new blog takes off like a rocket!

Chris Tillotson ha detto...

Thanks for this obscure big band funk, I look forward to all your future posts and I added your blog to my blogroll. Chris Tillotson

bud ha detto...

many firsts for me with this LP youre sharing here
thanx Little Tony and congrats on the new digs