martedì 11 novembre 2014

Antonio Riccardo Luciani

"While composers like Sorgini and Umiliani usually get all the focus when discussing obscure Italian library LPs, there’s another unsung composer that is really in need of close attention. The versatile A.R Luciani composed for various labels covering a broad range of styles. One of his many interesting LPs is Ambiente E Musica. A very cool set of pastoral Avant Garde and otherwordly electronics. A superb LP issued on the collectable Vroommm label."

James Pianta (Votary, Dual Planet, Roundtable, Monster Planet)

Word to JP. Luciani- born in Palermo, Sicily in 1931- is one of the most consistent composers of the golden age of italian music libraries, with dozens of (good to excellent) albums made for countless labels and publishers. This is one of the rarest and musically challenging of his vast discography, a first in the blogosphere for y'all. 

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Chris Tillotson ha detto...

Thanks so much, this is a Vroomm I was missing, much appreciated!

Muff Diver ha detto...

I'm (recently) always interested in venerable Italian Library Music, today being no exception.

Thank you for this latest offering, LTN!

gog magog ha detto...

this is a great blog, so much great music from italy! My collection is brimming with Beat Italiano, Italo Prog and TONS of Giallo soundtracks and Italian Library plus some great italian early electronic music. What I lack, in my collection, is a really concise representation of Italo Disco! I know Italo Disco has been done to death with millions of blogs dedicated, but few get it right. True Italo Disco happened between 1980 and 1984 and thats it...not many years and not many albums. I used to have a pretty good collection of italo disco but my ipod broke and all is lost. Are you going to examine italo disco in your blog? maybe an italo disco supe-post? you could represent a few of the seminal records and give a brief over-view?
even if you dont look directly at italo-disco, i still love your blog!

muna ha detto...

thank you!!

evansbigday ha detto...

Grazie 1000. Your work makes the world a better place. Really.