venerdì 21 novembre 2014

Another Luciani

Writer, teacher and composer Maria Teresa Luciani recorded just a couple of library albums in 1972 on the elusive and rare Fama label (twin label of Pegaso, both under the Ricordi's umbrella). I've never heard (or seen) "Barocco 2000" (FM 8) but here's finally a rip of "Suoni Di Una Città", a wonderful collection of avant-garde electro-acoustic tracks not far from the coeval works of Peymont (Luigi Malatesta), Gerardo Iacoucci ("Simbolismo Psichedelico") or the other Luciani, Antonio Riccardo.

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muna ha detto...

thank you!

Chris Tillotson ha detto...

Nice another Fama, you're always posting stuff I never even thought about before and thanks for that. My fav Fama so far is the Sorgini "Scappo Per Cantare" but can't wait to check this one.

maybe you can help me..i search IDEA by GINO MARINACCI.